Hayfever symptoms often include sneezing, runny or blocked nose, streaming and/or itching eyes.

NYRO have a fantastic Summer herbal tea which contains Elderflowers and Nettle to help fight Hayfever symptoms. Nettle has antihistamine properties and Elderflowers help against catarrh. Eyebright – also known as Euphrasia – can help with the symptoms of itching eyes. On its own Euphrasia could be used as a cooled tea to bathe the eye (to ease itchiness).

If you prefer taking tinctures internally, a combination of Nettle, Eyebright, Elderflower or Hyssop, could be taken up to 3 times daily to help reduce hayfever symptoms.

Here is a great article explaining it all in greater detail


Other recommended products include Vitamin C supplement with Wild Rosehip which helps to boost immunity and helps to control excess histamine levels in the body. Vitamin B6 found as part of the newly formulated B Complex also helps to balance histamine levels, and the Super-antioxidant Boost could also be considered, as it helps boost our anti-oxidant levels, protecting us from free radical damage which can lower our immunity, especially when living in polluted towns and cities.

White Tea Eye Gel can also help soothe irritated eyes. Keep it in the fridge to be extra cooling.

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Organic Summer Tea X 18 Bags


Vitamin C Boost With Wild Rosehip (60 Capsules)


White Tea Toning Eye Gel 10ml

Aromatherapy for Hayfever: You could do a steam inhalation of Cypress, Juniper and Eucalyptus: 2 drops of each in hot water.


These products may help relieve the hayfever symptoms you are experiencing, but in no way replace the advice of a qualified practitioner (i.e. herbalist, homeopath, aromatherapist, etc.).

Contra-indications:  www.nyrnaturalnews.com/contra-indications