Remedy Pricing

As part of your consultation, your prescribed remedy is included in the price, this means

  • 1x ascending dose of 30 / 200 / 1M /10M (as indicated)


  • 1X remedy that may be needed daily or weekly (should last you until next appointment, i.e. 1 month)

HOWEVER, in some cases, more than one remedy is needed. You will be charged extra for this. 7g bottles (approx. 100 pillules) retail between £7-9. I will provide you with small labelled plastic bags that contain your remedy, this reduces the cost of packaging, and therefore the cost of the remedy. Glass bottles are available upon request, but will be more costly.

Sucrose pillules:

  • up to approx. 20 pillules £2.50    
  • up to approx. 50 pillules £3          

Tissue salts:

  • up to approx. 100 tablets £9

LM remedies:

These are liquid remedies and are not included in the price of the consultation – they include a dropper bottle and contain an LM potency of a remedy in mineral water and small amount of alcohol.

  • 10ml bottle                                £5
  • 30ml bottle                                £10


In some cases tinctures are needed, these will be charged according to the quantity needed, and range from approx £12 – £20. This will be discussed with you in advance. I will have to order these from a pharmacy.

Remedy indications will vary from case to case. Pricing will be discussed/explained to you during your consultation. Please contact me with any further queries.

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