What To Expect From A Consultation

Your first consultation will last between 1hr – 1.5hrs. During this time, a full medical history will be taken, covering everything from childhood to present day. The consultation will also cover, for example, digestion, sleep, appetite, fears/phobias, menses, as well as any emotional issues (grief, trauma, etc.). When coming for a consultation, it is very helpful to think about:

  • when your symptoms started
  • where they manifest
  • what makes symptoms better / worse
  • what time do the symptoms manifest
  • what are your concomitant symptoms (symptoms that occur at the same time, i.e. headache with nausea, headache with vertigo, etc.)

When seeing children for a consultation, the mother’s experience of pregnancy, labour, birth, post-partum is very important. It is my experience, that when there has been some grief or trauma during pregnancy and this should not be discussed in front of the child, the first consultation is best attended with a partner or a friend. Sometimes mums also feel uncomfortable discussing certain behavioural traits in front of their little ones, so I have had the first consultation with mum only, before meeting the child. Again, this can be tailored to each family’s individual need.

To begin with, you will probably be asked to return for monthly appointments for at least 3 – 6 months, depending on the severity of symptoms. This will be reviewed at each appointment.

You are welcome to contact me via email / phone in between your appointments to keep me updated on your progress, or to inform me of any changes. I will only charge acute prescription charges if a remedy is prescribed.

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