As well as considering dietary adjustments such as cutting out dairy, wheat and gluten and taking a good probiotic supplement, NYRO have some good creams to soothe eczema. One of the first recommendations is to use Calendula ointment in the morning to soothe and heal the skin, and then use the Stellaria ointment in the evening, as it helps to soothe any itching. Calendula is made from the marigold flower, and Stellaria is also known as Chickweed. These come in 30ml tubes and are easy to carry along in your handbag.

Another fantastic product is the Calendula and Oat Lotion. It is known to be calming, deeply soothing, anti-inflammatory and is suitable for extreme dryness and sensitive skin. It contains not only oats (avena sativa) and Calendula but also stellaria, borage and nettle, and even some soothing neroli essential oil.

I have also recommended the use of oat baths to many patients – a handful of porridge oats in a sock in the bath, which turns it all milky and is very soothing and calming to the skin, especially before bedtime as the itching is often worse at night.

Liver Support

Consider drinking a detox tea to support your liver and help clear toxins which may have a positive effect on your skin.



Calendula & Oat Lotion 200ml

Calendula Cream 30ml Calendula Cream 30ml

Stellaria Cream 30ml

Baby balm

baby balm

Some parents feed back that the baby balm is very soothing for their children’s eczema. It contains beeswax, shea nut butter, olive oil and coconut oil.


I have tried to find some links that talk about the link between gut and skin health.

Although the following article talks about acne, it does address the link between gut and skin.

Consider a course of good quality probiotics to support skin health.